Coral Reef Ecology Laboratory - Professor Mark Ian McCormick

Mark McCormack Reef Fish Ecology

Where the hell is he?


This gives you an idea of when I am going to be/or not be in my office at James Cook University:


20th Feb to 5th March 2017, Lizard Island

28th April to 8th May 2017, Kimbe, PNG

13th to 17th June, Centre of Excellence annual conference

3rd to 7th July 2017 Fisheries Society of British Isles, Exter UK

10th to 16th July Orpheus Island, Marine Animal Behaviour Intensive

14th Oct to 28th Oct 2017 Lizard island

11th Nov to 24th Nov 2017, Lizard island

7th Dec to 16th Dec 2017, Lizard Island


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